At the top of Berlin, August 2011.

I’m a work in progress.  I write publicly about my personal experiences on my quest to get closer to the ideal version of myself, to share my mistakes with you as a way to learn and grow.  I hope my insights will shed light on your own situations, and prove useful in your endeavors.

Where is my kick-ass third person “about me” description?  Great question, I’m so glad you asked.  Here you go:

Melissa is an entrepreneur, artist, minimalist, foodie, writer and slayer of dragons.  She is creative to the core and loves helping others tap into their potential.  Melissa has worked as a photographer, documenting cultural divides in Israel to music legends such as Snoop Dogg; as an arts editor for publications in England and U.S.; and as a printer and graphic designer for high-end wedding invitations in Germany, before realizing that the real work she wanted to pursue in business and in life required carving out her own path; taking a leap of faith into the unknown.

So, she quit her job in Düsseldorf and moved to Berlin to start her first business and surround herself with like-minded people: those with a burning desire to learn and experience all that this reality has to offer.  Not only did she establish the world’s first and best gangster-rap greeting card company while there, she also spear-headed and moderated a group of 140 “four-hour-workweek” entrepreneurs & lifestyle designers who meet weekly to this day.

Her current project is a round-the-world trip to write a groundbreaking book highlighting the necessity of food + art to feed the soul and foster productivity.  It will be co-written with chefs, photographers, designers, and travelers met on the journey, including recipes from Asia & Australia, personal anecdotes, and the philosophy of how food and creativity nourish the working mind.  Her other interests include hiking, hipster blogs, recreating famous art with gummi bears, tea with lots of milk, & wearing clothes fresh out of the dryer.  She makes the best bird noise you’ve ever heard.  Although she was the nerdy girl with Harry Potter glasses in school, she’s grown into herself now and loves to help folks from every background grow into their highest selves too.


One response to “About

  1. What a fun and varied life you lead…I love the link you make between food and creativity nourishing the working mind.

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