iprc melHi, I’m Melissa Rachel Black. I’m a designer and printmaker living in Portland, Oregon.

I like good food, laughing as much as possible, and sunny bike rides. Here’s what I do:

ao cards giveaway

Illustrated greeting cards to offend and delight your loved ones. Available in local retailers in Oregon and California, and in my online shop.


My best-selling set.

Outline-only vector illustrations. Making clipart sexy, one image at a time! You can order and download them here right now.

damn yous a sexy bitchHand-set and printed letterpress “gangster rap greeting cards”. Available in retailers in Oregon and California and online.

_kanchanaburi-6I spent 2012 traveling Asia, Australia, New Zealand and the U.S. interviewing and photographing chefs, artists, and creatives for The Eat Team, an inspirational cookbook.


Custom illustration and design. Logos, signs, business cards, wedding invitations, books, layouts, and more. Email me at melissarachelblack@gmail.com


Portraits and classic art reproductions made of real gummi bears. See my online shop for more details and to order.

I love hearing from people. Feel free to get in touch, either with commission inquiries or just to say hi at melissaracheblack@gmail.com


3 responses to “About

  1. Hi Melissa,

    I tried to send this to your email, but it didn’t work!


    I’m a close friend of Moorea’s — she sent me to your site, “this is my awesome Portland friend,” and so here I am. And wow. And thank you. And I love your writing, your ideas, your determination, all of it. Combing through the site, I see so many similarities between what we’ve learned through our individual experiences.

    Here’s to remembering that flying to the top of the mountain isn’t in any way “better” than walking up, step by step. Think of all of the flowers and butt-in-dirt meditations and chirping birds and changing leaves we’d never meet if we didn’t take the “long” way, or as some might call it, “the way.”

    Lots and lots of love to you!

  2. Alice

    I discovered your blog through your YouTube video on minimalist travel packing for women. You are inspiring. Keep up the great work.

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