Never Save The Best For Last

Do you ever save the best tasting bites of your meal for last, or postpone wearing your favorite outfit for that “big day” next week, or wait for a REALLY special occasion to drink that fancy wine?

Me too.. I used to do it all the time. And after years of doing it I see the effects. I was always too full to enjoy those last bites at maximum potential, my favorite clothes are in perfect condition because I never wore them but so much time has passed I don’t even like them any more, and the wine went sour long ago.

Why’s that? Because TODAY is the big day. Today is the special occasion. If today is the day you want to wear that fancy dress even though there’s no party, or if today is the day you pop that bottle of champagne at a small spontaneous gathering of friends with no birthday to celebrate.. fucking do it.

Don’t wait for that ultimate special moment–a better moment is never going to come, and if it does, you’ll probably be disappointed that it didn’t live up to your huge expectations. Who knows if you’ll even want it later? Don’t wait. Don’t save the best for last. Use the best first. There will probably be more bests that pop up along the way–you probably won’t run out of bests to try, and even if you do, run through the exciting possibilities first before resorting to less appealing options.

Imagine a huge plate of food–let’s say its a big fresh salad brimming with cherry tomatoes, spinach, candied walnuts, chickpeas, grilled chicken, the works.. as a whole that salad is great. The chicken is average but your favorite is the candied walnuts.

You have two paths you could take on your salad-eating journey.

You eat the chicken first–you want to get it out of the way so you don’t have to think about it while enjoying those tasty walnuts. You scarf it down, thinking about how boring it is and how you can’t wait till you reach the end and get to eat the walnut. By the time you have those few prized morsels left at the end, your stomach is gurgling with fullness. You don’t really even want to eat any more but you’ve GOT to now, because those delicious walnuts still remain. Finally after working so hard to get to the walnuts, you pop ’em in your mouth. Munch munch. Hmm those really weren’t as good as you remember on the first bite.

Or.. you could scoop up your favorite bites in the first part of your meal, when you’re hungriest and most appreciative and conscious of the flavor and texture of the sweet crunchy nuts. You savor each bite slowly and work to make a good well-rounded bite each time: a few leaves of spinach, perfect amount of dressing, maybe a piece of feta topped off with the glorious shining walnut. You’re feeling really satisfied now as you reach the end of your meal and realize you don’t really want or need to eat the last few bites of boring chicken because you’re content.

The same works with bigger life choices too.

You have two options. Save the best for later, or enjoy it now while you’ve got it. Don’t save the best for last in your life–if you’ve been dreaming of climbing mount everest, don’t save it till after you’ve slaved away for 40 years wishing all the while that you were up on that mountain. Maybe in 40 years your joints will be too stiff, maybe you’ll die in a freak accident in 10 years, maybe mount everest will be off-limits to the public.

Yes there are going to be 1 million reasons why you shouldn’t do it. Yes it will make you uncomfortable. Yes there will be hardships. Yes there will be unknowns.

But the alternative is never climbing the mountain. It’s never living that crazy idea that popped into your head. Its regret and coulda, woulda, shoulda looking back.

So for the sake of your own contentment, save the best for first. Go out and thrive. And make no apologies when you enjoy the hell out of it.



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2 responses to “Never Save The Best For Last

  1. Good advice. It took me a long time to learn this. Then the trick becomes prioritizing what you want to do now, given all the things you now want to do now. I still haven’t figured that out yet.

    • Agreed.. there’s never really a shortage of things I want to do, but I guess the idea for me is not getting stuck thinking “which is the best decision? I have too many and I want to do all of them now!” and end up running around in circles, but rather picking one, going for it with my full energy and not looking back, knowing that any decision is fine and I’ll still have time to do many more of those things I want to do.

      Thanks for the comment Pierre!

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