Who Are You?


Define the ideal version of yourself in writing so you know how to be that person.

Only when you know the meaning of a word can you use it properly in a sentence.  Similarly, when you have defined your ideal self, you can tap into your full potential.  Having an actual written-down definition of who it is you aim to be provides some serious mental clarity and allows you to act from a place of understanding rather than confusion.  Also, it serves as a reminder on those days when you feel lost, feel like you’re not enough, feel down and out.

What are the qualities you want to embody?  What does your best version of yourself do and think?  It’s not a finite list, you can add to it whenever you want, and you can change it over time.  Even if you don’t feel like that person all the time (I know I don’t) you’ll have a base to return to at all times.  Don’t be afraid to write down anything–don’t take yourself for granted.  Step into your greatness and leave fear behind.  You don’t even have to share it with anyone if you don’t want to.

Here’s my definition of my ideal self.. what’s yours?

I am patient.  

I am relaxed.  

I remember to breathe deeply.  

I appreciate right now, the present moment, for that is all there is and all that ever will be.  

I express my gratitude in a myriad of ways, be it a smile, a note, or a comment–to myself and to others.  

I am decisive, without second-guessing myself, because I know that it doesn’t matter which decision I make–I can always adjust course afterwards if I don’t like the outcome of a decision, and if I choose based on “what I’d like to experience” (aka what my intuition says) versus “which is the best/right decision”, its easy.  I know that making decisions is easy because if one opportunity falls through, I know there are literally endless more opportunities.  

I am strong–mentally and physically.  

I am beautiful.  Even if I was burned and scarred and mangled I would still be beautiful, because if I say I am, I am.  Because my beauty is my presence, not my appearance, and my presence is always enough.  

My spirit is safe, at all times, because nothing that could ever happen to my physical existence could touch it.  In this way, I am immortal.  

I am generous–I give to provide value to others, who are extensions of my self.  

I appreciate the things, people, relationships, circumstances, and events in my current situation while they exist and when its time for them to pass, I let them go freely.  I am always free to recall the joy they brought me (without a sense of longing for what was).  

I am not afraid of new changes; I embrace them with a sense of curiosity.  new things are mere experimentations–they are opportunities for growth, creativity, and learning.  Since growth, creativity and learning are my top priorities and favorite aspects of life, then by geometric proof, New things = Growth, Creativity, and Learning = Top Priority.  

I do not take my worries seriously–I listen to them, thank them for their presence, and let them go.  I only take the work of being “unserious” seriously.  

I take many breaks.  

I value nothingness, solitude, and silence.  

Equally, I value the company of others.  

I strive to grow and learn, but know that I am enough.  If I died today, that would be okay, because I live consciously.  

Working harder does not make me a better person.  Value comes from learning and sharing.  

I act with intention and purpose, thoughtfully, but do not over-think things.  

I forgive myself when I make mistakes, even when I deviate from my ideal self, and then carry on as best I can, as my ideal self.  I forgive others because resentment serves nobody.  

I offer help and share advice when requested, but I do not try to change people.  

I don’t question why the way things are the way they are; I accept that the answer to all questions is just “because.”  Instead of asking why, I ask, what am I learning?  

I am respectful.  

I consider the needs of other people, and I do not step on others in my haste towards my own advancement.  That is, I do not value my time over my peers.  

I am kind, but I do not sacrifice myself or my needs to please others.  I must be whole, wholly content  to be able to give to others.

I embrace my differences as strengths.  

I do not get angry at myself when my energy is low–I recognize both sides of the spectrum as equal and necessary.  I know that there are two sides to everything, and that one is not better than the other.  I recognize that I need lows to appreciate the highs.  

I am completely honest and transparent–with myself and everyone else, because that is the only way to grow.

I am proud, but not boastful or arrogant.  

I accept all circumstances.  

I express my love and gratitude.  

I am imperfect, but I am perfectly myself.

I’d love to hear your definition of your ideal self.  Please do leave a comment or send an email.



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4 responses to “Who Are You?

  1. I read this in bed on my Sunday morning with a cup of tea and bowl of cereal and just want to say it made me feel great. I will try this.

  2. Hi Melissa,
    Thank you for sharing “Who Are You?” – great blog entry. I can relate to how you feel about wanting to or striving to be ‘your ideal person’. I love, I quote: “Working harder does not make me a better person. Value comes from learning and sharing.” Your comment has resonated with me and will be up on my vision board for inspiration and confirming why I do what I do and why I love it so much. If you are interested, we have a 365 Challenge going on my blog and I believe this will help you become your ideal person and support you on your growth to being a better person. Check out the challenge at:http://becomeabetteryouin365days.com as we did our character boards, ideal person and much, much more. Here is my ideal person – http://becomeabetteryouin365days.com/2011/10/05/be-a-better-you-in-365-days-challenge-%E2%80%93-day-5-creating-a-better-person/

    All the best, 😉
    Ezzy xx

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