Berlin 4-Hour-Workweek Recap for 6/3: Forums & Blogging

Abuela by Melissa Rachel Black

What would grandma say when you're not sure how to proceed with your business? Just keep trying till something works.

Perhaps the most successful 4HWW meeting yet, we’ve adopted a new format.  Rachman leads the discussions, and asks if anyone has any specific questions or needs help on a particular area in their muse.  I think it’s a great format because its structured like a 1-on-1 conversation which gives individual people real feedback, and the material is useful for the group as well, and everyone is free to jump in to the conversation.  We talked about:

– Hiring SEO experts on Odesk to write affiliate/adsense articles

– Using Feedback Army for real live humans to test the usability of your site and give you feedback, for a small fee.

– Using Appsumo to get daily web coupons (“groupon for web applications”)

– A/B testing with Optimizely is free and highly-recommended by Fabian Dittrich

– You can buy facebook likes for your business or website to increase “credibility”

– Using forums on your blog to increase interaction and productivity, in two ways: 1. Posting on existing forums to bring traffic to your site, or 2. Finding a niche where there isn’t already a forum and bringing it to life by building a forum  on your site.  Increase interaction while at the same time increasing content on your site.  PHPbb is free to build a bulletin board/forum.

– Using Balsamiq for idea prototyping to create digital sketch mockups of a product.

– One of our new visitors, Erik Frank, told us about his site where you can rent great apartments in Berlin for vacation or short stays at

– Using kickstarter to fund creative projects–a really unique, community-building way of raising money for doing what you love.

– Putting things in terms of dollar signs is a great strategy because it gives customers a good perspective.  For example, a customer who wanted to quit drinking asked Rachman why his site Make Habits cost so much to join, and he told her that she’d save the $39 in a week or two of not drinking, as that’s only 5 or 6 drinks at a bar.

– Sebastian Mikaelson (who is bringing minimalism to Germany at Mr. Minimalist) increased efficiency of his blog by making an elite area and newsletter.

– Using Google Keywords to help think of words to include in your blog’s articles to boost your blog’s appearance in search engines.

– Sebastian also recommends Copyblogger.  He says it provides great content to help new bloggers.

Mixergy has tons of inspirational videos of successful entrepreneurs.

Lynda has training/how-to videos on EVERYTHING.  You have to pay, but its a great service according to several folks in the group.

– We all committed to a weekly goal.  Mine was to contact 20 people for my etsy shop.

Looking forward to next week!



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2 responses to “Berlin 4-Hour-Workweek Recap for 6/3: Forums & Blogging

  1. is great. Also have a look at and don’t forget

    By the way: My german grandma Cilli taught me a lot about management, focus and patience. She was born in 1914, never studied and never left germany to see foreign countries. She lost her husband during the war in 1944, had three sons and never got married again.

    Oma Cillis TOP-3 tools for management and leadership:

    1. Alles geht, nur der Frosch hüpft! – Anything goes! Try again!
    2. Viel? Viel fährt man auf dem Wagen! – Keep it simple!
    (She said: … aufm Wagen!)
    3. Eins nach dem anderen! – Do not multitask!

    Bless her!

  2. Oma Cillis sounds like a damn wise lady! I love her advice!

    Problogger is awesome & thanks for introducing me to guykawasaki!

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