As a thank your interest in me and my projects, I’d like to give you 15 of my favorite illustrations for free.  Use them in any way you want–in a logo, wedding invitation, website banner, love letter, sticker for your pet turtle’s shell, etc. am I?  I’m Melissa Rachel Black, nice to meet you.  I’m an artist, foodie, and slayer-of-dragons.  I dream constantly, then take action.  I’m intent on helping others live out their dreams too.

Some notable feats:

  • Had a solo exhibition at Urban Outfitters for my Gummi Bear art
  • Started a profitable business out of my passion for letterpress printmaking and jokes,  selling “Gangster-Rap Greeting Cards”
  • Hired a mentee-intern at age 23
  • Photographed Snoop Dogg
  • Won a competition for a free roundtrip ticket to Thailand from Tim Ferriss
  • Landed my “dream job” in Germany without knowing the language
  • Quit dream job to be my own boss, moved to Berlin virtually friendless.  Started a group of 160+ entrepreneurs who meet weekly to this day.

My newsletter is all about inspiring you to do great things.  In addition to getting first dibs and updates, I’m excited to share what I know about..

  • Making money while traveling
  • Dreaming big, then making it happen
  • Living as a not-so-starving artist

Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you!


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May 8, 2011 · 2:53 pm

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